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Linda Rusconi (1981) 

Artist from Amsterdam. Loves to draw and paint people/places and animals. Commissioned illustrations and portraits. I love to hunt for unique vintage frames to give my original art that bit of extra love. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Please read this before placing your order. Thank you!

The vintage frames are as mentioned 'vintage'. What means old and used. I only use frames that still look good, but they always have little traces of previous owners. If you prefer a new frame. Please contact me and I will check if I can reframe the artwork. 

You can pay either with credit card, Paypal or iDeal in my shop.

All orders are processed and shipped out within 2 days.

The customs service in your country might take a longer period of time to send the package to your place. This is the reason some delivery times may vary. It all boils down to the country you live in. From my experience, the timings usually are:

Netherlands: 2 to 4 days
Europe: 1 week
United States: 3-8 weeks (due to new government rules)
Canada: 2-3 weeks
South America, Asia, Australia and the rest of the world: 5-8 weeks

So if you live in South America, Asia or further: your package may take some time to arrive. Please take this into consideration if your order is a birthday gift, or if you need it in time :)

Make sure you enter your address correctly
Please double check if you have entered the right address before pressing 'send'.
Before some stranger gets a package which they didn't order :)

Make sure your letterbox is big enough
Please check before hand if your letterbox slot is big enough. The tubes for posting the posters need a letterbox slot of around 34mm high to fit. You can choose when ordering who to have your poster send, so the responsibility is with the customer.
If you're unsure whether your order fits in your mailbox, please contact me. We can always send it as a package, and also offer secured shipping or shipping with track and trace.

Track and trace or insured shipping
Within the Netherlands: Every item is available with Track and Trace. But I can imagine with smaller items, you might want to have regular shipping, which is a bit cheaper.
If you choose to send it without track and trace, it's at your own risk and I cannot trace your package afterwards.
Please note that with track and trace, your order gets an address check at the post office, whereas this isn't available with regular shipping.

Outside the Netherlands: You can choose your preferred shipping method.
You can choose regular shipping but this is without track and trace. This is at your own risk.
If you want a track and trace code, please select 'International shipping with track and trace'.

When you pick '(International) shipping with track and trace', you can see where your package is located and file a complaint when your package is damaged.
I recommend this if you live somewhere where packages get lost often.
It's good to remember that I ship from The Netherlands if your package has to travel half the world. The longer the trip, the trickier it gets :)

Refunds and exchanges
Package got lost in the mail?
For those who chose '(international) shipping with track and trace' I can trace the package.
If you chose regular international shipping there is no way I can check where your package is.
The shipping method is your choice and responsibility when placing the order.

Unfortunately I can't do any type of refund (no money back, no product exchanges or discounts for damaged mail or losses). The reason is because I can't take the blame for post system's responsibilities around the globe. It's just me running my shop (I'm not a co-operation) and right now I'm simply not able to pay for those accidents.

By placing your order, you agree to having read these terms